Tutorials on DIY audio builds and the use of audio tools

Tutorials related to DIY Audio such as amplifier builds, planning a DIY subwoofer build, measuring performance using acoustic measurment software, using hardware or software to set digital filters to your audio system and so on.

Perfect bass with Equalizer APO and REW Tutorial

Tutorial on how to get the perfect bass with Room EQ Wizard, Equalizer APO and UMIK-1 by setting manual DSP filters.

Anaview AMS0100 monoblock build tutorial for beginners

Tutorial on how to use the Anaview AMS0100 class D amplifier modules to build a pair of 100W monoblocks.

Amplifier with Anaview AMS1000 amp module

DIY tutorial on how to build a stereo amplifier using powerful Anaview AMS1000 class D amplifier modules using simple tools.