DIY Audio related reviews, tutorials and showcases

DIY Audio related reviews, tutorials and showcases.

Anaview AMS0100 six channel amplifier

A quick «show and tell» to inspire you with many pictures of a DIY six channel bridged Anaview AMS0100 amplifier module build.

JBL 2446 on 2360 horns, 2123 midrange and 2226 midbass drivers. LMS Ultra 5400 subwoofers

Presentation of the current multi way active loudspeaker system with a separate subwoofer system to achieve great bass performance.

Anaview AMS0100 monoblock build tutorial for beginners

Tutorial on how to use the Anaview AMS0100 class D amplifier modules to build a pair of 100W monoblocks.

Aftermarket recone kits as good as original?

Review comparing JBL 2226 aftermarket recone kit with 7 genuine drivers measuring acoustic performance, impedance and Thiele-Small parameters.

JBL 2360A biaradial horns

Aiming for dynamics with large format compression drivers and huge JBL 2360 horns in the house.

Amplifier with Anaview AMS1000 amp module

DIY tutorial on how to build a stereo amplifier using powerful Anaview AMS1000 class D amplifier modules using simple tools.